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"fajita pita

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Easy breakfast fajita pitas recipe

Easy Breakfast Fajita Pitas are an on-the-go breakfast idea that combines scrambled eggs with tex-mex flair! Add your favorite toppings to make it your own. To celebrate National Egg Month this year, I'm sharing a recipe that includes

Fajita pita

Greek meets Southwest! This is a delicious cross between Greek Souvlaki and Steak Fajitas, complete with a fresh Southwestern Tzatziki-like topping.

Fajita pitas

I was late coming home one evening and forgot to pick up tortillas for the fajitas we planned for dinner. So we used pita bread that I had in the freezer instead. The warm chicken-filled pockets, garnished with a homemade sauce and other tasty toppin...

Fast fajita pita

"These are perfect for busy days," notes Cathy Bell of Joplin, Missouri.