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Asparagus with a poached egg in a dill and caper avgolemono sauce

Although hollandaise sauce is amazingly good, it is a guilty please given that it has a half a cup of butter in it. While I was enjoying the asparagus with a poached egg in hollandaise sauce earlier in the week, the lemony nature of the sauce reminded me of another lemony sauce, avgolemono sauce . An avgolemono sauce is a Greek egg and lemon based sauce that is really tasty without all of the butter. In addition to the egg and the lemon juice, avgolemono needs a liquid and that liquid is commonly the liquid of dish that you will


Asparagus with a poached egg in hollandaise sauce

The farmers market is full of the fresh local asparagus and I certainly have been taking advantage of it. I made quite a few asparagus dishes this week and up first was asparagus in a hollandaise sauce . A hollandaise sauce is a buttery and lemony sauce that is purely decadent and so creamy and good! Hollandaise sauce goes really well with the juicy asparagus and the brightness of the lemon in the sauce makes it perfect of spring and summer. Hollandaise sauce can be a bit tricky to make, but once you get the hang of it, it is


Avocado-egg in a hole

Playing with your food can be delicious - just try this super easy breakfast recipe for egg-in-a-hole toast topped with avocado and a touch of Gruyere cheese.


Bagel egg in a hole with smashed avocado

A tasty spin on classic egg in a hole, this recipe features an egg fried inside a bagel with avocado on top. Perfect quick, healthy breakfast or dinner!


Baked egg in avocado

Quick paleo and whole 30 compliant Breakfast with Egg baked in Avocado


Baked egg in avocado nest ready in 20 minutes

If you're hosting a brunch, you need to serve this awesome Baked Egg in Avocado Nest recipe. Healthy, delicious, ready in 20 minutes, and sure to impress.


Bell pepper egg in a hole (video)

Bell pepper egg in a hole - Eggs cooked in bell pepper rings. The easiest breakfast recipe ever!


Breakfast egg in a hole

Eggcellent is all you can say about Breakfast Egg in a Hole! When eggs are on sale you really are almost forced to buy them. I mean after all who can resist... #breakfast #breakfastsausage #brunch


Cadbury creme egg ice cream

If you look forward to the release of Creme Eggs every year, then this Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream is for you!


Cadbury creme egg ice cream with peeps syrup

Dear Easter Candy, Thank you for being the very best of all the holiday candies. I mean, let's face it; there really is no holiday that comes close in terms of manufactured sweet treats. Christmas candy canes ain't got nothing on you. Valentine's Day conversation hearts? Meh, they're cute and all, but I could live without. You would think Halloween would have the best candy of all; after all, it is an entire holiday based around candy. But besides candy corn (which is likely to make you ill the second you eat one too many, which is every single time),


Challah egg in a hole

Challah egg in a whole is a great way to use up leftover challah bread.  It also makes for an easy and tasty Sunday morning breakfast.


Copycat cracker barrel egg in a basket recipe

The Cracker Barrel Egg In A Basket is a favorite menu item of the Cracker Barrel. Did you know you can make these in no time at all at home? Country Cooking at it's Best


Easy egg in a hole

Egg in a hole is an absolute classic that is super easy to make. You only need 3 simple ingredients and some seasonings to make this delicious dish.


Easy egg in a hole bacon sandwich

This nostalgic breakfast takes me straight back to my childhood! Egg In A Hole made even more awesome by adding bacon. Who'd have thought it eh?!


Easy egg in a mug breakfast

Start your mornings with this easy egg in a mug breakfast.  It's like an omelet that takes only 1 minute to make in the microwave.


Easy no churn creme egg ice cream

This Easy No Churn Creme Egg Ice Cream is so easy to make with only 3 ingredients! It's the perfect simple treat for spring!


Egg in a bagel

An excellent way to start out the morning, or brunch for that matter. A larger cut-out bagel, with ham, cheese, and an egg in the middle. This was a real winner.


Egg in a bagel

Here's an easy Egg in a Bagel breakfast recipe - a twist on the classic Toad in a Hole that has been around for so many years.


Egg in a bagel hole

Better than the sum of its parts because 1. the bagel gets griddled 2. one bagel feeds two people 3. it's a toad in a hole.


Egg in a basket—love day style

This was one of my all-time faves growing up. I loved it when my mom whipped us up some eggs in a basket! Since it was Valentine’s Day I felt like my super awesome husband deserved a super awesome Valentine’s Day themed breakfast.


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