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Applesauce noodle kugel

Tender noodles are stirred with a comforting blend of margarine, sour cream, egg substitute, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla extract, chunky applesauce, and raisins. Bake over a light sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs and top with cinnamon for a sweet treat.


Apricot cheese kugel

This sweet noodle kugel is a fun dessert and a super addition to any brunch buffet. My family and friends scrape the pan clean. I got the recipe from my sister years ago. —Florence Palermo, Melrose Park, Illinois


Apricot noodle kugel

From Manchester, Massachusetts, Martha Chayet shares this treat traditionally served on the Jewish Sabbath, Kugel is a baked pudding usually made with potatoes or noodles and served as a side dish. Sweet versions make delicious desserts.


Cacio e pepe kugel

This cacio e pepe kugel combines the flavors of Rome’s famous pasta dish–cheese and pepper–with the comfort of a rich baked kugel. Cooked linguine is mixed with ricotta, mascarpone, Pecorino Romano, and plenty of black pepper, spooned into a casserole dish, and baked until crisp and golden.


Caramel apple noodle kugel

Tender egg noodles baked in a sweet custard topped with cinnamon brown sugar caramelized apple slices.


Cinnamon noodle kugel

Egg noodles are combined with a velvety custard of cottage cheese and sour cream. The cinnamon and brown sugar topping helps brown the noodles, giving a delightful crunch to this sweet dessert.


Easy noodle kugel

Easy and sweet traditional Jewish egg noodle dish. Great for brunch!


Jazzed up noodle kugel (noodle pudding)

Hollywood, FL in the 1970-80's was a sea of condo buildings and Cadillacs with drivers that a tortoise could pass. I visited that Florida one or two times a year and heard one too many people tell me not to go swimming until TWO HOURS after eating and that red ants were a fate worse than death. My grandparents and great aunt and uncle inhabited two condos at 5100 Washington St. and how myself and all of my cousins would terrorize my grandparent's neighbors by pushing all of the buttons on the elevator and cannonballing into the pool (good times). As beach cuisine had not hit Hollywood quite yet, smells of brisket, onions, and rye bread wafted out of people's windows or they were running off to early bird specials at Morrison's Cafeteria. Heaven was when I reached the top floor to my Aunt Edna's condo and creamy sweet smells of noodle kugel (noodle pudding) and cheese/blueberry blintzes dusted with confectioners sugar magically appeared. My Aunt Edna cooked and baked traditional Easter European inspired New York Jewish food but with a lighter touch. Noodle kugel was one of her specialties. Somehow, I never got her recipe but this is one that I have concocted and added some other flavors to. I like it best cold and for breakfast.


Lemon noodle kugel

Comforting kugel is a traditional dessert at our family's Polish Christmas Eve supper. Rich with butter, sugar, sour cream and cinnamon, it suits any special-occasion meal. —Romaine Smith, Garden Grove, Iowa


Lisa’s noodle kugel

The yummiest kugel recipe I have tried!


Makeover noodle kugel

We think you'll feel good about serving this fabulous brunch dish, now that it's lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. —Cathy Tang, Redmond, Washington


Matzo apple kugel

Delicious Passover specialty that's easy and can be served with either meat or dairy dinners! Can also be made ahead and cooked later.


Microwave apple kugel

Chopped apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon flavor this delicious noodle pudding that's baked in the microwave.


Mushroom and chive kugel

This savory, chive-topped onion, mushroom and potato kugel recipe makes a flavorful side dish to slow-cooked brisket for Passover.


Noodle kugel

This noodle kugel recipe, made with eggs, sugar, noodles, pecans, and brown sugar, is baked until the top is a praline. For Rosh Hashanah.


Noodle kugel

I make this traditional dish along with other Jewish specialties for an annual Hanukkah/Christmas party with our friends. -Lauren Kargen Williamsville, New York


Noodle kugel

The best recipe ever for Noodle Kugel. A must-try 100+ year old family recipe. Pure comfort food!


Noodle kugel

A sweet noodle kugel recipe made with golden raising and a walnut-sugar streusel topping.


Noodle kugel with caramelized onions and brown butter

The OG back-pocket pasta, noodle kugel gets amped up with brown butter and caramelized onions for an easy and addictive casserole.


Noodle kugel with pineapple brule

A twist on a traditional Noodle Kugel for a Chinese New Year's Party!

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