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dilled chicken

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Dilled chicken salad

I usually harvest a bounty of recipe requests whenever I serve this hearty, fresh-tasting salad with its delicate dill flavor. -Kimberly Speta, Kennedy, New York


Dilled chicken and asparagus

If a delicious chicken and rice entrée is what you're looking for, look no further than this mild herb-flavored rice dish with tender asparagus. —Mary Ann Marino, West Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Dilled chicken soup

I grew up in a large family. Each Sunday, we took turns in the kitchen, with our mother training us. Everyone who tries this soup says it's the best they've ever tasted. I'm a widow(my eight children are all happily married), living in a senior citizens apartment. Many times, I'll give a bowl to my neighbors here. When you make this soup, my suggestion is to put it on and just "leave it cook". You can get so many other household tasks accomplished while it does. Try it and see!


Creamy dilled chicken casserole

Dill and green olives set this creamed chicken casserole apart from the rest.


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