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Mix for cranberry lemonade bars

I recently put all of our family’s special recipes in a cookbook to be passed down from generation to generation. These tangy, cake-like bars came out of that collection. —Suzette Jury, Keene, California


Whole wheat & oatmeal marmalade bars

Tender wholegrain Marmalade Bars made with whole wheat and oats


Strawberry lemonade bars

Pretty pink bars cut into a heart shape, just in time for Valentine's Day!


Homemade barbecue sauce

Thick and spicy, this homemade barbecue sauce is sure to you grilling this summer!


Raspberry lemonade bars

Last week I shared turtle brownies that I made in honor of my mom.  My inspiration for the treats I chose to donate to her hospice was to make things that were hybrids of her favorite desserts and my own tastes.  I knew one pan of brownies wasn’t going to be enough for all of …


Frosted pink lemonade bars

Frosted Pink Lemonade Bars thick, moist & chewy with a light, lemon flavor. Topped with creamy, not-too-sweet frosting, these bars will be the first to go!


Pink lemonade bars

Two days ago I put on my best bitch face and walked into a dealership and bought a new car! It’s the most boring, practical car ever but I don’t care because it doesn’t cost me a million dollars every month, it’s inexpensive on gas and gets me from point A to B. But in my dream world, I’d drive one of dhese… Right now I’m in my very practical car headed to Palm Springs. So many last day of school vibes! While it’s just going to be for the weekend, I’m super excited to just chill for a few days by the pool. Amelia loves PS more than any of us because it means she gets to swim and jump in the pool and swim some more. I also bought a pizza floaty for her to lounge on. Hoping for a good Instagram moment with that one. If you’re looking for a lil’ dessert to make for Memorial Day, make these! If you were a fan of Country Time (remember that shit?) then these are for you. I LOVED Country Time Pink Lemonade as a kid. My mom homemade so many things but homegirl was not about to squeeze …


Homemade barbecue sauce recipe | copycat sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce!

This homemade barbecue sauce is easy to make and preserve. A copycat version of Sweet Baby Ray's, your family will love it!


Strawberry lemonade bars

Strawberry lemonade bars are the sweetened up version of lemon bars. They are still tart like lemon bars but are a pretty pinky color and have a mellow sweetness. Make strawberry lemonade bars all year long with freeze dried strawberries.


Flavored lemonade bar with free printables

A Flavored Lemonade Bar or Lemonade Stand is the perfect for Memorial Day or the 4th of July, and would be a great addition to your next party! We love lemonade in our house. Even


The basics: homemade barbecue pizza sauce

Some purists argue that barbecue sauce has no place on pizza, but after one bite of the pie pictured below, which I topped with homemade Barbecue Pizza Sauce, bacon, mozzarella, garlic scapes, and sweet corn, I’m pretty sure I could get them all in my corner. This recipe makes way more than you will need...Read More »


The new veganism: tempeh kebabs with homemade barbecue sauce

I’m writing from one of my favorite train rides: the scenic, two hour ride from New York City to Hudson, NY. My best friend’s little sister is getting married this weekend, and my boyfriend and I are on our way to join in the celebration (snacking on medjool dates, corn chips, and green juice as...


Pulled pork sandwiches with homemade barbeque sauce

Summer time will soon be upon us, and I decided why wait, right now is the perfect time to get to smoking. My Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Homemade Barbeque Sauce is perfect for the occasion. I marinated my Boston butt roast overnight with my special spice blend, cooked up some good old homemade barbeque sauce,...Read More


Strawberry lemonade bars

Strawberry lemonade is such a quintessential summer drink. Bars that taste like strawberry lemonade are even better than drinking it. The bars are what you’d get if you crossed a crumble-topped strawberry pie with a lemon bar. They’re sweet from the strawberries with some tart lemon flavor that peeks through. They’re soft, juicy, satisfying, and I […]


Orange marmalade bars

Very moist and fruity, these bars go great with coffee.


The best homemade barbecue sauce {bbq sauce}

I've made a lot of BBQ sauce recipes in my day and this is hands down the best BBQ sauce ever!  Thick and smoky, tangy and sweet, this is the best homemade barbecue sauce I


Lavender lemonade bars

Tangy, buttery and sweet, these bars are inspired by my favorite summer drink.


Homemade barbecue sauce (refined sugar free)

Sweetened with natural molasses, this recipe puts bottled barbecue sauce to shame!


How to make homemade barbecue sauce (with very little effort)

This easy Homemade BBQ Sauce recipe only takes minutes to make. You already have all the ingredients on hand for Homemade bbq sauce. It is so easy!


Homemade bark

Skip To RecipeThis homemade bark is the best holiday gift! It’s delicious, customizable, and festive. Everybody will love these gift …

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