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crusted mac and

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Bacon crusted mac and cheese

Bacon Crusted Mac and Cheese ~ this easy 30 minute meal is pretty much the dictionary definition of comfort food!


Cheetos crusted mac and cheese

Oh baby! This one has been stewing around in my brain for quite some time. You are so, so welcome that I finally brought it to fruition. I would like to thank all the hipsters that posted their food pics from Coachella. I saw a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos version of this, possibly on a stick, in a Buzzfeed round-up of cool and weird Coachella foods. That being said, this recipe would be sooo good with some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos crushed up on top too! Since I am a mom and in charge of the shopping and allowable snacks, we went with Baked Cheetos. You know, because that’s sooooo much healthier. Remember when I discovered that eating cheese basically made my face go into teenage acne mode? Well, I have been slowly reintroducing cheese back into my life. Sparingly of course. I found that pizza every other week is ok. Queso Fresco crumbles on tacos is just enough to sooth my cheese-craving self. Plus, Queso Fresco doesn’t melt all over the taco fillings so it is kinda my fave. When it comes to mac and cheese, I have my standard go-to blend of cheese, a double-cream gouda and a sharp orange …

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