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creamy edamame

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7-minute soft-boiled eggs with creamy edamame dressing

7-Minute Soft-boiled Eggs with Creamy Edamame Dressing - Learn how to make perfect 7-minute soft-boiled eggs with custardy yolks served with simple, refreshing and creamy edamame dressing. So perfect as is or served with salad.


Creamy edamame and corn succotash

A new-fangled succotash with edamame, corn, roasted peppers, and a creamy chipotle cheese sauce.


Creamy edamame risotto

I put these ingredients together in hopes of creating a vegetarian friendly meal high in protein and using goat cheese and risotto (two of my favorite foods!). The result: a delicious, satisfying, elegant meal for two! Mmmmm!

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