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Cream biscuits with prosciutto & parmesan cheese

This version of cream biscuits is filled with salty prosciutto, Parmesan cheese, and savory scallions. They freeze well, so think about making a double batch so that you have extras on hand for your next comfort meal.


Garlic cream biscuits with bacon gravy

Light, fluffy, melt in your mouth biscuits.


Sour cream biscuits with horseradish, chives and bacon

When my younger son was home from college on spring break a few weeks ago, it rained hard, just about every day. That meant a lot of soups, stews and “things over toast” dinners. We were running low on bread one evening, so I made some biscuits instead. I’d been playing with using ricotta whey in baked goods that week, so the original version of this was made with heavy cream, ricotta whey and Greek yogurt. Realizing that not everyone has whey on hand (or cares to make ricotta, to get it), I started experimenting with other combinations of cultured and sweet milk products. This is a variation on one of them. They were all inspired by Merrill’s version of the Fannie Farmer Cream Biscuits recipe. If you don’t have barley flour, you can substitute all-purpose for it. These are terrific warm, slathered with organic cultured cream cheese. Enjoy!! ;o) - AntoniaJames

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