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12 days of cookies: bake from scratch’s rolled sugar cookies with brandy soaked apricots

This year, we found the best cookies on the web for our 12 Days of Cookies, with today’s cookie being Bake From Scratch’s Rolled Sugar Cookies with Brandy Soaked Apricots.…


15-minute breakfast cookies with a strawberry almond milkshake

Soft, sweet and chewy with a freshly oven baked, melt in the mouth cookie taste and ready in just minutes!


3 ingredient pumpkin cloud cookies with chocolate chips

These 3 ingredient pumpkin cloud cookies with chocolate chips will knock your socks off. They are so easy to make and tasted airy and delicious!


4th of july cookies with m&m’s

Looking for an easy, delicious and make-ahead cookie for the 4th of July? Don't miss these 4th of July Cookies with m&ms that will make everyone happy!


Advent butter cookies with strawberry marmalade

This recipe has been a family favorite for many years. My mother baked it since forever, traditionally in Advent when all the family is waiting for Christmas. My rendition of these cookies are topped with chocolate rounds. Moni.


Almond cookies with cranberries & white chocolate

Christmas is right around the corner and I haven’t stopped baking yet. I am having way too much fun in the kitchen. I love this time of year and the sugar rush keeps me going:) Almond cookies with dried cranberries and white chocolate are my latest cookie creation. All of the flavors in this cookie…


Almond crescent cookies with sprinkles

Almond crescent cookies with sprinkles - perfect Holiday cookies! When you look at them, you might think I have gone completely crazy. Sure, it's a holiday season and I decorated lots of cookies this month


Almond meal cookies with chocolate chips and coconut

Chewy Coconut Chocolate Chip Almond Meal Cookies that just happen to be gluten-free - from the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook.


Almond-oatmeal cookies with dried cherries

You can't go wrong with recipes on Food52. These recipes are crowd tested and come from the best home cooks I know. So, when I wanted to convert a recipe, I turned to Merrill's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They're fabulous. <br /> <br />Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone. We didn't have chocolate chip cookies in the house, but we had dried cherries. When I started thinking about flavors that play well with cherries, I remembered almond and coconut. Why not use almond flour and coconut flour for the flavor? Well, playing with almond flour means cutting some of the butter in the recipe, since almond flour contains fat as well as protein. It also means playing with the salt, since the bittersweet flavor of the chocolate probably needs more salt than the sweetness of cherries requires. <br /> <br />So, yes, there's an easy way to make Merrill's cookies gluten-free: use 180 grams of gluten-free flour for her AP flour. But I wanted these cookies to be mine, based on the flavors of our home and what we had in the cupboards. They're crispier than Merrill's original seem to be. They're full of bigger flavors and the oats play a more minor role. All I know is that a big plate of these disappeared as soon as some of our daughter's friends came over for a play date. They were a hit. <br /> <br />Kitchen notes: <br />We use almond flour that has been finely ground. Most of the time, at the store,  you'll find almond meal. Simply grind it up finer in your blender before baking.  <br /> <br />Oats themselves do not contain gluten. But in the way they are grown, transported, and processed, they are contaminated with gluten. The only way to serve oats to someone with celiac is by purchasing certified gluten-free oats.


Almond paste cookies with bailey€™sâ©

I'm in love with Bailey's© so I tried adding some in a biscuit recipe


Almond poppy seed cookies with almond frosting

Soft almond sugar cookies with creamy sweet frosting and festive sprinkles!


Almond pudding cookies with brown sugar frosting

Almond Pudding Cookies with a Brown Sugar Frosting. Is there anything in that sentence that doesn't sound good? I made these Almond Pudding Cookies for a friend who helped me out a lot when my parents were sick. She loves almond and almond extract and had given up chocolate for lent.


Almond shortbread cookies with amaretto

almond shortbread cookies with Amaretto - delicious Christmas cookies! These are just like classic shortbread cookies but with a little twist - I am using almond liquor to provide even more almond flavor to these


Almond spritz cookies with chocolate almond glaze

I cannot believe that another year has passed us by. I swear, it was just yesterday when we rang in 2011.When I was a kid and complaining about how sssssllllloooooowwwwww summer was going, my mom


Almond sugar cookies with sweetened condensed milk frosting

A perfectly soft sugar cookie, with a fluffy, slightly sweet, creamy frosting. Almond Sugar Cookies with Sweetened Condensed Milk Frosting.


Almond sugar cookies with vanilla almond buttercream frosting

A soft sugar cookie with the delicate flavor of almonds. Cut them into any shape for a treat that is sure to become a family favorite.


Almond thumbprint cookies with a salted caramel center

Almond Thumbprint Cookies are light, buttery, almond flavored shortbread cookies that just melt in your mouth.  They get filled with Salted Caramel and topped with slivered almonds.  These cookies will blow you away! It’s the holiday season!  This year, McCormick and I are teaming up to show you two ways to showcase your holiday flavors.…


Almond thumbprint cookies with dark chocolate and sea salt

A recipe for almond thumbprint cookies filled with melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. These are perfect for a cookie exchange!


Almond thumbprint cookies with dark chocolate and sea salt

These cookies were inspired by a Hotline question I posted in the spring seeking ideas for what to serve at an open house for my daughter's baptism. ATG117 suggested jam thumbprint cookies. I not only thought it was a good idea, but I couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen to make some. I started by adapting a Dorie Greenspan recipe for thumbprint cookies which features hazelnuts and raspberry jam. I swapped out hazelnuts with almonds, added lemon zest for brightness (I think almost any butter cookie benefits from lemon zest), upped the vanilla, and omitted the confectioners’ sugar for dusting, finding it to detract from the shortbread. Instead of using jam, I decided to fill the thumbprints with dark chocolate sprinkled with a little sea salt. It definitely works well -- the rich, salty chocolate center is absolutely delicious with the fragrant vanilla-almond shortbread. And like most shortbread cookies, they keep remarkably well, making them perfect for gifting or preparing in advance for guests. Tightly covered, they should hold well for about a week, if they last that long!


Amaretto cookies with white chocolate chips

Amaretto liqueur adds a savory taste to the ordinary white chocolate chip cookie. This cookie is also packed with fresh cranberries.


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