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13 pork slow cooker recipes you won’t want to miss!

You wanna know something funny?  We didn't cook with pork for years.  My husband told me that he doesn't really like it.  That's why we've built up such a database of Ground Beef Slow Cooker Recipes.  Of course, he liked bacon and sausage just fine, but pork roasts, pork chops and all that, he wasn't much of a fan of..... or so he said.  Then, I started cooking it for


5 slow cooker recipes you need for the fall

With school starting back up and fall just around the corner, these delicious Slow Cooker Recipes are absolutely what you need!


Slow cooker recipes you need to have

8 Slow Cooker Recipes you NEED to have for busy nights. From family-friendly casseroles to dessert. Dinner has never been so easy!


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