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coconut cream popsicle

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Coconut cream popsicles with vanilla bean and malibu rum

Coconut Cream Popsicles With Vanilla Bean And Malibu Rum


Raspberry coconut cream popsicles

These low carb, dairy-free popsicles are creamy and full of vibrant raspberry and coconut flavour. A perfect way to cool off as the weather warms up! Popsicles are the ultimate warm weather treat. I have


Boozy mint coffee coconut cream popsicles

The perfect afternoon pick-me-up, these Boozy Mint Coffee Coconut Cream Popsicles will keep you and your guests content and caffeinated this summer.  


Peaches & coconut cream popsicles

It’s popsicle week! Did you know about this awesome phenomenon? This is my very first popsicle post on the blog and sharing these beauts during popsicle week just makes so much sense. I’m not…


Mango and coconut cream popsicles

These Mango Coconut Cream popsicles are just perfect for this summer heat. The tropical taste is a nice break from the usual chocolate popsicles. You can use fresh mangoes or frozen .


Cookies and coconut cream popsicles

Cookies and Coconut Cream Popsicles are refreshing and naturally vegan frozen treats made with everybody's favorite cookie!


Limber de coco (coconut cream popsicle)

These cold and refreshing popsicles are sold at corner bodegas and neighborhoods in Puerto Rico. Growing up, there was an old lady down the street that would sell them for 25 cents. It is creamy and delicious and perfect on a hot summer day.


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