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classic sweet potato pie

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Classic sweet potato pie

This simple but special deep-dish pie provides a down-home finish to hearty autumn meals served at home. Pecans and pumpkin-pie spices make this a comforting seasonal classic.—Paul Azzone, Shoreham, New York


Classic sweet potato pie

Move over Pumpkin Pie! This Classic Yam Pie will soon become your favorite Fall dessert. I will admit that I love sweet potatoes for the simple fact that by the time most cooks are done preparing them, they’ve become more of a ‘candy’ than a vegetable – at least here in the states, and especially...Read More


Classic sweet potato pie with streusel topping

The perfect pie to take to your family Thanksgiving this year! Make it a few days ahead of time and enjoy your holiday. This is a traditional sweet potato pie finished off with a streusel topping – because anything wonderful becomes even more so when you add a topping of brown sugar, butter, and pecans! You […]


Classic sweet potato pie 

Fun news! I’m on Real Simple’s podcast, Adulthood Made Easy: Hosting Your First Holiday. Since I am a lover of talking my head off (and the holiday season), this was a ton of fun! It’s all about the biggest cooking holiday of the year–Thanksgiving! I’m back in the US of A and I’m super stoked to be back cuddling with Amelia, eating chips and salsa and answering lots of emails. It’s the simple things you miss when you’re away. Nothing ever feels as good as home does. But enough about me and my boring I miss home paragraph, let’s talk about something way more exciting: PIE. This pie is cool. I’m gonna be honest, up until like a month ago when I was prepping for Thanksgiving recipes, I’d never tried sweet potato pie. I know I know! I have no idea where I’ve been. I think when I’m making my pie-eating decision, I go with apple or pumpkin pie, never sweet potato. But that’s all gonna change! This pie is super simple and chill. No crazy spices, no crazy amount of sugar. If you need to make it dairy-free, by all means use the coconut milk. I loooved the coconut …

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