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cinnamon apple pancakes

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Caramelized cinnamon apple pancakes

These caramelized cinnamon apple pancakes has sauteed cinnamon apples cooked into tender pancakes, perfect for breakfast or brunch.


Cinnamon apple pancakes

What I love most about this fluffy cinnamon apple pancake recipe are the hints of cinnamon and nutmeg spices.


Cinnamon apple pancakes

My family loves these light and fluffy apple cinnamon pancakes. And best of all, they're sweet enough to enjoy even without syrup. —Kim McConnell, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Cinnamon apple pancakes

A healthy pancake filled with fresh apples, a pinch of cinnamon and Greek yogurt.


Cinnamon apple pancakes recipe

With chunks of real apple and lots of cinnamon, these are the perfect pancakes for a chilly fall morning!


Cinnamon apple pancakes with apple cider syrup


Gluten free cinnamon apple pancakes

Welcome those cool fall mornings with these warm and toasty Gluten Free Cinnamon Apple Pancakes. It’s all the flavors of fall in one bite! You know what Braelyn requested for breakfast this morning??? I’ll tell you. “Cereal… …AND apple bread… …AND pancakes… …with peanut butter and bananas and syrup! Oh, and a glass of milk....Read More »

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