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Avocado smoothie with cilantro and mint (low carb, keto)


Berry farro salad with a cilantro and mint dressing

What do you do when you want both semi junk and Healthy rolled into one..You make this salad. I'm a sucker for Indian junk foods and my favorite has got to be the Bhel Puri. but plain puffed rice with just the veggies and none of the deep fried additions.. just does not cut it. The mouth feel textural factor is so crucial and using Farro was the perfect solution.


Exotic african winter vegetable stew with yogurt cilantro and mint sauce

  It is February but I cannot stop thinking about a stew of orange winter vegetables like carrots and butternut squash. I am just like that. I can be thinking about a million things but all of a sudden a FOOD MOOD strikes me and off my mind goes into recipe mode. Recipe mode is […]


Green cilantro and mint chutney recipe

A bright, robust Indian Green Chutney recipe made with fresh herbs and spices.  Serve this with Batata Vada, Vada Pav, chaat and dosa's.  Mix with mayo for an amazing sandwich condiment.  Learn how to make Green Chutney.


Lamb chops with cilantro and mint sauce

These lamb chops recipe with cilantro and mint sauce are made with grilled lamb chops marinated and finished with a cilantro, mint, ginger, and honey sauce.

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