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Spiced rosemary maple cider nuts

These spiced rosemary maple cider nuts are an easy roasted nuts recipe perfect for snacking or noshing at a party.


Curry & cider noodle – a personal concoction of east meets west

Because seriously, I'm desperate. What else can I do with my remaining apple cider vinegar and curry powder? Ingredients: Chicken breast meat: 150g Curry powder: 2 tbsp Chilli powder: 1 tbsp Olive oil: 2 tbsp Salt: 1/2 tsp Maggie Mee: 1 pack Water: 2 cups Chicken stock cube: 1/2 cube Curry powder: 1 tsp Apple cider


Hot cider nog.

I’m getting serious about holiday cheer. And this is the first step – a huge mug full of lovin’. !!!!!!!!!! Dessert and comfort in a cup. That’s what we are doing. You know when I made the smoky bacon almond brittle and told you about the bourbon bacon cookbook I found a few months ago? […]


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