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chicken and crispy

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Fettucini aglio olio with grilled chicken and crispy canned corned beef

Aglio olio is a simple pasta dish that uses garlic and olive oil. To make it extra special, try to add some meat. Some left over grilled chicken or canned corned beef really goes well with this dish.


Roasted eggplant, chickpea, onion salad with chicken and crispy bacon

Warm and yet summery, perfect for the beginning of fall when you do not want to let go of summer just yet.


Thai noodles with ground chicken and crispy shallots

The other day I spent a good four hours flipping through our stacks of old food magazines. Mainly Bon Appetit and Cooking Light, with a few others mixed in. A solid 18 months of back issues. You see, when we get a new magazine, I'll flip through it once. Dog-ear any recipes that catch my eye, and we'll usually pick 2 or 3 of them to make that week. But after that? The magazine goes onto the shelf, never to be read again. It's like the magazine has one chance to impress me and then it is banished to the back of the shelf. As the shelf was quickly beginning to spilleth over, I figured most of those old magazines could be recycled. But I decided to give them one last shot. Flipped back through each and every one of them, and ripped out any recipe that sounded even remotely palatable. A lot were a bit to fancy-shcmancy for your everyday meal (probably why we didn't pick out the recipe to begin with), but could be saved for a special occasion. Others were more complicated than we usually

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