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cheese blintz

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Apple cranberry cheese blintzes

For autumn Jewish holidays like Sukkot and Simchat Torah, a festive and seasonal meal of traditional cheese blintzes smothered in sautéed apples and dried cranberries. This week marks the end of the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot and also the holiday of Simchat Torah, a celebration of ending one and beginning another annual cycle of...Read More »


Cheese blintz

This cheese blintz recipe is made with an easy filling of farmer cheese, sugar, egg yolks, and vanilla and crepe-like pancakes.


Cheese blintz

If you have never had a cheese blintz before you are missing out on a wonderfully sweet treat. These are crispy on the outside and so sweet and creamy on the inside. Try these cheese


Cheese blintzes

Blintzes make a perfect weekend brunch.  Imagine this…it’s Saturday morning, you’re slowly waking up to the sunlight streaming in your window and the birds chirping…you get up and brew your coffee (what’s better than the


Cheese blintzes

Fry or bake these cheese-filled crepes, then eat with jam, sour cream, fresh fruit, and coffee.


Cheese blintzes

Crepe-like blintzes can be stuffed with all sorts of fillings, savory and sweet. But this cheese version, served with fruit compote and sour cream, is perfect for relaxed mornings at…


Cheese blintzes

A modern and speedy take on a traditional old country favorite: These no-fry blintzes have a white-bread base; sugar butter and cream cheese sweeten things up.


Cheese blintzes – with classic apple or tangy pomegranate sauce


Cheese blintzes with rhubarb compote

Take advantage of rhubarb season by making cheese blintzes with a lovely rhubarb compote.


Cherry cheese blintzes

These elegant blintzes can be served as an attractive dessert or a brunch entree. The bright cherry sauce gives them a delightful flavor. I sometimes substitute other fruits, such as raspberries, blueberries or peaches. —Jessica Vantrease, Anderson, Alaska


Cranberry cheese blintzes

Delicious and simple Cheese filled blintzes with cranberry sauce on top.


Fruit-topped cheese blintzes

My dad always requested this special dish for Father's Day; it was his favorite breakfast. You can switch up the fruit you use for the topping —warmed canned peaches are my personal favorite. —Angela Matz, West Allis, Wisconsin


Marylyn's cheese blintzes

Tender crepes are stuffed with a sweet cheese filling made with cottage and farmers cheese. Use your blender to make the batter and the filling extra creamy. The rolled blintzes are then pan-fried until browned and hot.


Raisin cheese blintzes

Milk, butter and cottage cheese combine delightfully in these blintzes. When I was a child, my mother served them often for Sunday brunch or for dessert, and they tasted so good.—Lauren Kargen, Buffalo, New York


Raspberry cheese blintz bake

Any fruit topping works wonderfully with this twist on traditional blintzes. It puffs during baking and will fall a bit while standing. It makes a beautiful presentation. —Kristi Twohig, Waterloo, Wisconsin


Strawberries & cream cheese blintzes

These Strawberries & Philly Cream Cheese Blintzes are crepes stuffed with a strawberry cream cheese filling, pan fried and dusted with powdered sugar.


The hirshon cheese blintzes – בלינצעס

The Hirshon Cheese Blintzes - בלינצעס


Traditional cheese blintzes

These blintzes are thin pancakes, like crepes, stuffed with a sweet cottage cheese filling and perfect as a sweet or savory brunch addition.

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