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cheddar brat

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Cheddar bratwurst stew

This hearty stew takes just a few hours to become a comforting treat for your whole family, with bratwurst sausages and potatoes simmered in a slow cooker.


Baked cheddar brat corndogs

Take this street food to a whole new level with these Baked Cheddar Brat Corndogs!


Cheddar brat meatballs + 3 dipping sauces

Cheddar Brat Meatballs are homemade bratwurst stuffed with gooey cheddar cheese. Serve with three, easy yet flavor-packed dipping sauces!


Habanero cheddar brat pizza

Scrap the Italian sausage on your next pizza and try the habanero cheddar bratwurst. This sausage packs the perfect punch and makes an excellent pizza topping.


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