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Basbousa - semolina cake soaked in a lemon rosewater syrup

This recipe is a traditional middle eastern recipe that features in the cuisines of several countries. I was brave one evening and tried it in the microwave to satisfy my sweet cravings and was thrilled with the results. <br />


Cheesecake sopapillas

This super easy dessert is one of the most delicious treats you will ever taste! Literally every time someone tries it for the first time, they demand the recipe immediately. Great for bringing to parties or potlucks Also perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning or evening.


Coffee cake sour cream

Warm, buttery coffee cake: you just can't beat a good one. With a lovely, tender interior and a slightly crunchy crust, this has a wonderful texture not unlike poundcake. But it's the lemon and almond flavors plus the full cup of walnuts that really take this cake over the top on taste.—Janice Kuhlmann, Stafford Springs, Connecticut


Cranberry spiced pancake souffle with a cranberry apple maple compote

This is a pancake that's perfect for an autumn brunch or special holiday breakfast. It has the spices I identify most with autumn and winter with a burst of cranberry that yells "holidays!". The compote gives another punch with cranberries, apple and maple syrup. What I love about these pancakes is that I don't have to babysit them while I time when I'm going to flip them or worry about whether the griddle is getting too hot. I just pop them in the oven, put some bacon on to fry and clean up the kitchen while they bake. Best of all, they puff up, a little like Dutch Baby Pancakes, but don't fall much at all so that they look beautiful all the way to the table and the mouth. Note: this recipe calls for candied lemon peel. If you don't have any, I provide some directions below on how to make it. If you don't want to go to that trouble, just substitute 1 teaspoons lemon zest in the pancakes and 1/4 teaspoon zest in the compote.


Dduk guk (korean rice cake soup – 떡국)

I would say that Dduk Guk is one of those dishes that I take for granted.  I've eaten it for New Years Day almost every year for my entire life!  It's a Korean tradition, and to me, it just doesn't feel like the new year without it.  Usually to [...]


Flädlesuppe (german pancake soup)

A recipe for flaedlesuppe, also known as German pancake soup in English. This savory soup is made with beef broth, vegetables and shredded crêpes.


Flaedlesuppe (german pancake soup)

Spread the love This dish takes me back to my childhood and the special occasions that my grandpa would make a […]


Orange rosé wine cake soak

A cake soak made with fresh orange juice, reduced rosé wine, and butter. Pour this over any vanilla cake, pound cake, or simple bundt cake to make it extra moist and taste truly special!


Pancake souffle muffins with spiced strawberry pinot jam

These slightly sweet and delicious treats are a cross between a muffin, a pancake and a souffle.  They will be the star of your brunch and easily doubles as a late night treat. My kids were


Pancake souffle muffins with strawberry maple syrup

The taste of a pancake, with the texture of a souffle, in the form of a muffin!


Pfannkuchensuppe (pancake soup)

I learned this way of using leftover pancakes from my German step-grandmother. It's very easy and tasty, and kids think it's funny. Quantities are approximate. See my TastyKitchen recipe box for my Pancake recipe.


Vegan dumpling and rice cake soup (tteokguk)

Start Korean New Year with a bowl of this delicious, nutrient-packed rice cake soup! And don't worry, that egg is vegan too :)


Yogurt blueberry pancake soufflé – low calorie

This Yogurt Blueberry Pancake Soufflé are everything you wanted in a pancake and more. Fluffy, light, delicious, and freeze well.

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