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bruschetta with a

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Bruschetta with a texas twist (video)

This is a video from for an interesting twist on Bruschetta. They did such a great job producing it but when I watched it I was immediately taken aback by the contrast of my Alabama accent compared to the hosts lovely, more “proper” accent. I can’t quite place hers but it is truly beautiful, […]


Easy vegan bruschetta with avocado (gluten free option)

Vegan Bruschetta w/ Avocado - a fuss-free appetizer for entertaining that will keep your guests coming back for more. Customize the toppings to your liking.


Peach bruschetta with avocado sauce

Peach Bruschetta with Avocado Sauce is the perfection of this summer! These are wonderfully balanced with sweet and savory flavors. The green sauce is amazingly scrumptious on its own and when you combine it with

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