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Better than a boyfriend brownies

Sea salt caramel, potato chips, and chocolate ganache layered on top of thick, fudgy brownies. Perfect for Galentine's Day, Valentine's Day, or girls night!


Better than a boyfriend brownies

The BEST BROWNIE RECIPE Here it is... your foolproof, satisfy your chocolate cravings, ultimate chocolate chunk brownie recipe. These 'Better than a Boyfriend Brownies' are whipped up in one bowl and are so easy even kids can make them. I am pretty sure I could make these brownies in my sleep. I've tried more brownie recipes than I would like to admit but all of that practice has made me a brownie connoisseur of sorts, right? This is hands down the BEST homemade brownie recipe. I have been baking since I could stand up on a stool! I have been


Boyfriend brownies

Boyfriend Brownies – Thick, rich, and a chocolate lovers dream!! Fudgy in the center with chewy edges and studded with chocolate chips! If you’re craving chocolate, this EASY homemade brownie recipe is just what you need!! I have no idea why these are called boyfriend brownies but I came across the recipe and between the […]


Boyfriend brownies {caramel brownies}

A sticky layer of caramel, spread over melty chocolate chips, and squished between two layers of German chocolate brownie. Easy to prepare; impossible to stop eating

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