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Apple cream cheese cobbler from bill gent!

  I’m thrilled and grateful to bring you a guest blog post by everyone’s favorite Southern Plater, Bill Gent. I first “met” Bill not long after I started Southern Plate and we took up like peas and carrots right from the start (I’m the cute little pea and he calls me sis!). He’s just another […]


Bill gent, me, & a heehaw standard

Dallas traffic kept us from having time to do this earlier in the day but we found time to sing it at gas station just before we had to part ways!


Bill gent’s doggie biscuits

Bill Gent, one of our beloved Southern Plate family members and someone whom I have personally adopted as my long lost brother, offered to do a post on how to make homemade doggie biscuits. I love and adore Bill and I know y’all do, too, so I lovingly told him to get on it and […]

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