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best turkey gravy

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How to make the best turkey gravy

This is simply the most perfect gravy for your Thanksgiving turkey using pan drippings! So rich, so smooth and so easy! I promised you a gravy recipe, didn't I? I always keep my promises. Plus...


The best turkey gravy

Turkey gravy can be the crown jewel of your meal, making the potatoes and stuffing so moist and flavorful. This version enhances the savory taste of the precious pan drippings with a homemade turkey stock that's simmered for hours.


The best turkey gravy ever

People will make you their leader. I'm not kidding. Note: this is not so much a recipe as a technique for making your regular gravy the best it's ever been.


The best turkey gravy recipe

Silky smooth and perfectly rich, this really is the BEST Turkey Gravy recipe around! There's nothing better than topping creamy mashed potatoes with the most amazing turkey gravy and this recipe delivers - every single


The best turkey gravy recipe

If you are looking for the easiest and best turkey gravy recipe, look no further. Use the drippings from your turkey to make the best gravy ever!

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