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"berry prosecco

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Cranberry prosecco aperol spritzer

Cranberry Prosecco Aperol Spritzer, festive twist on a classic cocktail. Cranberry simple syrup +citrus make this wine-based cocktail a happy hour favorite.

Cranberry prosecco punch

This sparkling, fruity alcoholic drink is the perfect addition to your next holiday party. With a hint of orange and a touch of sweetness, this Cranberry Prosecco Punch will serve a crowd.  2019 is almost upon us. It’s time for holiday parties with f...

Lemon berry prosecco sangria

Fresh lemons and strawberries are mixed with bubbly prosecco for a refreshing prosecco sangria recipe. It's perfect for spring and summer! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, there's a great chance you've

Mango raspberry prosecco float

Mango Raspberry Prosecco Float; dessert or cocktail?  Who cares what you call it, as long as you call it delicious!

Raspberry prosecco cocktail

How are your holidays going so far? Bryan is getting a few days off. We had been doing some shopping around town. We hate doing last-minute shopping. But this year, we were too busy in December. So we hit the malls over the weekends before Christmas....

Raspberry prosecco sorbet – low carb and gluten-free

You will never guess where I am at the moment.  Or maybe you will, I don't know.  Go ahead, take a guess.  Take a wild stab!  Nope, that's not it.  Noooo, that's not it either. 

Strawberry prosecco

Strawberry Prosecco - a delicious cocktail! Simply add my Easy Strawberry Sauce to Prosecco (or your sparkling wine of choice) and enjoy!

Strawberry prosecco granita

An easy and refreshing strawberry prosecco granita for a romantic Valentine's day lunch.

Strawberry prosecco jelly cocktails

Strawberry Prosecco Jelly Cocktails are a combination of sweet and fragrant strawberry infused Prosecco jelly and creamy vanilla condensed milk jelly.

Strawberry prosecco punch

This Strawberry Prosecco Punch recipe is the perfect light and fruity cocktail recipe for a crowd, wedding shower, or pool party.