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Honey-apple cranberry ginger tisane

Thank you Council for Responsible Nutrition for sponsoring this post. This is #MyWeekSupplemented. Honey-Apple Cranberry Ginger Tisane is a soothing, hot drink that’s rich with nutrients and full of flavor. Whenever someone tells me that


Blueberry gin and tonic

A refreshing summer blueberry gin and tonic. The addition of blueberry compote with mint and lime is a winner. Perfect for a gin party or barbecue.


Paleo strawberry ginger crisp

This paleo strawberry ginger crisp is a super simple, healthy and delicious dessert that can be made in no time. The flavors are unique and impressive.


Soothing hot apple berry ginger juice

A recipe for Soothing Hot Apple Berry Ginger Juice. Sip on this cozy juice to stay cozy and healthy in the winter!


Whole wheat wild blueberry ginger muffins

These blueberry ginger muffins are 100% whole wheat and made with wild blueberries and Greek yogurt for a healthy, superfood packed breakfast or snack. 


Fresh cranberry ginger vanilla margaritas. (and sugared cranberries!) {video!}

These cranberry margaritas are super festive and delicious for the holiday season, with hints of ginger and vanilla bean syrup!


Strawberry ginger hand pies

Zach and I aren't really a mushy-gushy Valentine's day couple. Want to know what we usually do to celebrate? Get fried chicken, sit on our couch, and watch a movie. It's amazing and I wouldn't have it


Layered strawberry ginger peach smoothie

This layered strawberry ginger peach smoothie is refreshing and fruit forward with a healthy dose of protein from ultra-filtered milk.


Raspberry ginger komucha slushie

Happy Thursday Friends! This is going to be a quick one today.  We are in Maui at the moment enjoying the sun, sand and surf.  I will definitely be doing a guide to my favourite


Blackberry ginger french toast bites

These French toast bites are bursting with fresh blackberry ginger sauce. Baked in a mini-muffin tin, they're the perfect size for breakfast on the go!


Blueberry gin

A vibrant violet liqueur made by steeping blueberries in gin. Perfect for holiday parties and hostess gifts!


Blackberry ginger gelatin bite recipe

This Blackberry Ginger Gelatin Bite Recipe is the perfect treat to subdue your candy cravings. With it's soft yet gummy texture that melts in your mouth, this treat is an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get in some essential nutrients


Lingonberry ginger probiotic tonic

This Lingonberry Ginger Probiotic Tonic is the perfect refreshing beverage for warm weather. It is most importantly, delicious but also effervescent and energizing. Made using my famous wild fermented ginger "soda", this drink features all of the health benefits ginger offers!


Cranberry ginger vod

Cranberry Ginger Vod is a quick, flavorful cocktail centered around candied ginger and mint. This is not your typical cocktail. Move over, cran vod!


Oatmeal cranberry ginger cookies & a holiday wish

It’s hard to believe that we are only three days away from Christmas.  Time seems to accelerate over time… I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a beautiful holiday and extend my very best wishes for the New Year ~ I look forward to returning in 2012 with more wholesome recipes to get us...Read More »


Blueberry ginger fizz

Oh Monday… It is probably the least favorite days out of the whole week. No more fun and extra sleep. To cheer you up, I got you a refreshing drink recipe! It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depends on whether you prefer alcoholic ginger beer, ginger beer or ginger ale. No one will judge if...Read More »


Cranberry ginger holiday brie recipe

If you're hosting holiday parties, make this Cranberry Ginger holiday brie recipe - It's perfect for Christmas, Hannukah, or a New Year's Eve celebration!


Blackberry ginger smash

The blackberry ginger smash is a fresh update on the popular Moscow Mule, which perfectly pairs with Lapsley's 'Operator'.


Oatmeal raspberry ginger scones

I bought Joy The Baker’s cookbook recently and these scones were the first recipe I tried.  Needless to say, they are awesome.  Joy knows what’s up. You’ll need: 1 egg 1/2 cup cold buttermilk 1 2/3 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/3 cups old-fashioned oats 1/3 cups granulated sugar 1 tbs baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2...Read More


Cranberry gingerbread muffins

These muffins bake up soft and moist, with pockets of juicy cranberries and a cozy gingerbread flavor.


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