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Weekend links and what i’ve been reading

I've confessed before that I am a terrible cake froster.  Most of my cakes turn out pretty ugly.  I was pretty happy with this easy method of frosting cupcakes though.  And I can't wait to


What i’ve been reading #1

Happy Monday! Did you have a fun weekend? Mine was absolutely glorious and I'm having a bit of difficulty coming to terms with the fact that it's Monday. Monday. Buuuut it's also 90-something degrees here in Boston today and the Bachelorette is on tonight (Oh! And the Bruins, too!), so I think that probably equalizes things a tad bit. My plan is to get in a super productive day of work and then head home to make a caramelized onion and prosciutto flatbread, sip a Monday evening cocktail, and sit on the couch getting some freelance stuff done while becoming


Weekend links and what i’ve been reading – december 7

Are you getting bad weather where you live?  We're in for sleet, ice and maybe some snow this weekend.  Hopefully, you're able to cuddle up at home with your family, if the weather's bad.  I've


What i’ve been reading and weekend links

What I've been reading   I loved this book.  When I first heard about it, I was skeptical that it would hold much for me. But, oh!  It holds so much.  Emily Freeman speaks the


Arnold palmer popsicles plus what i’ve been reading this summer

Arnold Palmer Popsicles - half tea, half lemonade


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