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Artichokes baked with mozzarella

This original version of this recipe calls for frozen baby artichokes or fresh artichokes. I used a combination b/c I realized I did not have enough fresh


Avocado baked with an egg

Avocado baked with an egg I have a friend who loves avocado. He told me that he treats it as a natural butter and always have it in his kitchen. Even more, we went on a road trip together and he took...


Baked walleye

We live very close to Lake Erie, which is nicknamed the "Walleye Capital of the World." I'm always looking for new recipes for this fish ... I came up with this baked walleye dish on my own. —Joyce Szymanski, Monroe, Michigan


Baked walleye with vegetables

This baked walleye dish is fresh and tasty. The vegetables give this 13x9 recipe a little something extra. —Sondra Ostheimer, Boscobel, Wisconsin


Baked walnuts

These candy coated walnuts are easy to make when you need a quick snack or gift. Walnuts are coated in egg whites, sugar and butter, and baked.


Baked watermelon barbecue chicken drumsticks

A recipe for baked chicken drumsticks marinated in a watermelon barbecue sauce. Served with a blue cheese and cilantro dipping sauce.


Baked western omelet {keto, low-carb}

This keto-friendly Baked Western Omelet has all of the same delicious flavors of your favorite omelet in casserole form.


Baked western omelette egg roll

An easy alternative to the traditional omelette that will feed an entire family.


Baked wheat bread gulab jamun

I saw my blogger friends from the Blogging Marathon group trying bread jamun instead of the regular gulab jamun. No matter what Gulab Jamuns will there for all diwalis in our house hold. I followed the


Baked white bean dip with smoked paprika

A delicious baked white bean dip with goat cheese and smoked paprika.


Baked white beans with feta, garlic yoghurt & paprika butter

These baked white beans are cooked slowly with feta crumbled over the top then served with garlicky yoghurt and a drizzle of homemade paprika butter.


Baked white cheddar mac n cheese with kale and bacon

What you should know about Kale: nutrition benefits, selection tips, flavor pairings, and varieties + recipe for Baked White Cheddar Mac n Cheese with Kale and Bacon


Baked white fish with everything bagel crust

Baked White Fish with Everything Bagel Crust: This White Fish Recipe with a tantalizing crust requires only 5-ingredients, and it's paleo and keto friendly!


Baked white fish with kale

Baked white fish with kale is a super easy recipe. This recipe is healthy, low-calorie, low-carb, and very tasty. The recipe will serve two people and is best served warm with a slice of your favorite bread.


Baked white fish with lemon caper sauce

Delicious and simple baked white fish recipe with a lemon caper butter sauce. Great for a dinner party or date night at home.


Baked whitefish with mustard sauce

Baked Whitefish with Mustard Sauce ~ fish fillets baking up in a zesty but comforting cream sauce is a quick and delicious 30 minute meal.


Baked whiting

Baked whiting fish fillets are lightly seasoned and topped with tomatoes and butter for a quick and easy weeknight meal the whole family will enjoy.


Baked whole cauliflower

If you thought you didn't like cauliflower, try this! It's an awesome treat for a festive table. Beautiful presentation and something out of the ordinary.


Baked whole fish with lemon, herbs and garlic butter

Feel confident making a baked whole fish with these simple instructions. See for yourself just how easy it is to serve a flavourful dinner!


Baked wholemeal blueberry donuts

I have always shied away from making my own donuts because of the deep-frying involved (probably a smart choice given I am clumsy enough to have burned myself with porridge and fallen off a treadmill). But then I started seeing more and more recipes for baked donuts and I started thinking that maybe the way to donut success at home was to bake them. <br /> <br />But, some of the recipes I came across produced donuts that looked either very cakey or, in the case of recipes based on light enriched yeasted doughs, dry, neither of which I find appealing for a donut. It was when I was baking financiers that it occurred to me that the texture I was after might be easiest to achieve with a typical financier batter – a simple light batter containing no more than egg whites, sugar, flour and butter. <br /> <br />


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