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20+ awesome avocado recipes

20+ Awesome Avocado Recipes - Avocados are a versatile and healthy food that is delicious added in savory or sweet recipes as well as beverages!

6 awesome asparagus recipes

Do you have a favorite vegetable? I love many, but I'm truly under an asparagus spell. Everyone complains about the, ahem, side effects. But who cares, really? *shrug* If I had the space and a

Andi's absolutely awesome austrian apple strudel

This is the apple strudel everyone asks me to bring to their holiday parties. And to be honest - it's so easy to make that I love bringing it as a gift. It's heavenly sweet yet refined sugarfree, and can you believe it: vegan! The apple strudel is pa...



Awesome air fryer hot dogs – 3 ways!

There's so many ways to enjoy air fried hot dogs! We show you many ways on how to cook air fried hot dogs like chili cheese, bacon wrapped, jalapeno dogs

Awesome and easy creamy corn casserole

Whole kernel corn, cream style corn, sour cream, eggs, butter, and muffin mix makes this yummy corn casserole a side dish everyone will love.

Awesome and simple italian garlicky meatloaf

½-1 cup seasoned bread crumbs 5 tablespoons grated dry parmesan cheese (Romano is a good choice, also) 5 tablespoons minced parsley (I use dried to save effort) 2 tablespoons finely minced garlic ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon fresh ground pepper 2...

Awesome appetizer – parmesan rye crisps

My Mom often served these when we had unexpected guests show up at our doorstep. They are quick, easy and make the house smell oh so good!Parmesan Rye CrispsIngredients: Thinly Sliced Party Rye Olive oil Parmesan cheese, grated Sesame seedsDirections...

Awesome apple cake

My Grandma gave me this recipe and I just tried it out.....Its incredible! Very moist, dense, not too sweet. And . . . I used up the old apples in my fridge that the darn kids won't eat. Bonus!

Awesome apple muffins

Neither wheat flour nor sugar is used in this recipe. The product is a moist, naturally sweet and spicy muffin that tastes surprisingly good.

Awesome apple pie cookies

Apple pie just got even better with this awesome recipe for apple pie cookies made with brown sugar and nutmeg with homemade cinnamon glaze.