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Applesauce for the freezer

Make your own applesauce with this recipe using lemon juice and lemon zest to enhance the apple flavor. Great for immediate enjoyment or for freezing.


Cheese latkes & homemade applesauce for hanukkah

Chaya (of Sweet and Savory Says It All) was kind enough to host our All Through the Year Cheer Hanukkah, so I’ll be sending this dish over to her.  She is now accepting recipe submissions!


Homemade applesauce for the little ones

Andy is almost one year old, so I guess it is about time I forayed into a post about baby food. Luckily, this is a totally acceptable adult food too. You know, I am always watching out for you kidless folks! My blog buddies have all been posting about their trips to apple orchards. One thing that happens every time anybody goes to an apple orchard is you end up with like forty pounds of apples. You keep looking at those apples and thinking, “What am I going to do with all these apples?” Kind of like George Costanza’s mother looks at all that paella she made. Good news people! Make applesauce. Feed some babies. Or give the baby the big spoon and end up finding applesauce flung against your wall weeks later. It is a fun game. I have been pretty lucky foodwise with Andy. He has been pretty open to most foods. I was really worried he would be like Mike and not like anything, in particular vegetables. So far the only thing he has had aversion to is tilapia (but he likes salmon) and peaches (peach season was a sad, lonely season for me). We are past …


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