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and thyme risotto

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Apple, bacon and thyme risotto

The best creamy risotto made with apples, bacon and a hint of thyme. It's apple season around our yard (only one tree and about 200+ Regent apples!) and I been asked by the DIY Guy


Beetroot, buckwheat and thyme risotto

Beetroot, Buckwheat and Thyme Risotto Recipe. Gluten-free vegan risotto with earthy and fragrant flavours of buckwheat, beetroot and thyme.


Lemon and thyme risotto

This lemon thyme risotto is made lovely with the lilt of thyme, the zip of lemon zest, and the umami of Parmesan. Our most popular risotto recipe.


Roasted brussels sprouts, pancetta, and thyme risotto

Comfort food recipe for cold weather. Parmesan risotto with roasted brussels sprouts, thyme, and pancetta as a side dish or main course.

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