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Avocado and potato salad with hatch chile vinaigrette

Creamy avocado and potatoes bathed in a spicy Hatch chile vinaigrette. 'Nuff said.


Green bean and potato salad with bacon

Green Bean and Potato Salad with Bacon - simple yet delicious potato salad with green beans and mustard dressing.


Green bean and potato salad with lemon vinaigrette

I do love my greens and I am not just talking about lettuce or kale! Green beans, snap peas and green asparagus are packed full of nutrients and pair well with any protein like chicken, fish, or red meat. Usually, these vegetables are served hot and as a side dish but have you ever tried...Read More


Green bean and potato salad with pesto

This green bean and potato salad is tossed with fresh basil pesto, tomato, green beans, and toasted almonds. An excellent summer side dish.


New england potato salad with horseradish cheddar

This lightened-up New England Potato Salad packs a flavor punch thanks to a handful of shredded horseradish cheddar cheese. It's a summer picnic classic!


Pig ear and potato salad with ramps

I think the flavor of ramps in early spring is quite delicate, I like to eat it raw, in a salad. <br /> <br />In some Chinese noodle shops (Northern China style shops), they serve a cold potato salad that is not much more than julienned or shredded potato briefly blanched, vinegar, and sesame oil. They also sometimes serve thin slices of cold pig ears (braised) seasoned with soy sauce. You eat these snacks while you wait for your noodles or dumplings. Depending on the noodle shop, sometimes the snacks are the highlights of the meal for me. <br /> <br />Bringing these elements together makes a pretty nice salad while you cook your noodles (or anything else) at home. What I have here is more of a method rather than a recipe.


Roasted kale and potato salad with tahini dressing

There’s something about the way a tahini-lemon dressing complements dark, leafy greens. It brings out their earthiness and gives them character the way simple vinegar and oil just can’t do. And this is easy and filling to boot! Leave out the cheese to make it vegan. <br />See more at <br /> <br />Adapted from a recipe in gourmet.


Roasted radish and potato salad with black mustard and cumin seed

I have enjoyed roasted radishes, roasted potatoes separately, and decided to give a salad that combined them a try. The addition of black mustard seed, cumin seed and yogurt are inspirations from a radish raita recipe I have made before. Thoroughly combining the lemon juice with salt and sugar before adding to the salad is a secret trick from my Grandmother's famous (among my family, at least) potato salad recipe. With tasty results, I will be making this again soon! - gingerroot

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