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Zucchini noodles with mushroom sauce and peppered sardines

This post is sponsored by King Oscar | Opinions are my own January is full of healthy promises and resolutions. For the first two weeks, salads and veggie-filled soups go a long way. But the


Fresh figs with goat cheese and peppered honey

Figs seem to be something of a rarity, especially around here. No sign of them at our farmers' market, meaning they probably don't grow anywhere even remotely near here. But I was lucky enough to spot a pint of fresh figs one week at Trader Joes (where they've since disappeared) and made darn sure they didn't go to waste. This recipe is simple. Almost too simple, you might think. It doesn't require any heat whatsoever, and very little effort beyond slicing the figs and mixing a bit of honey with some freshly cracked pepper. But boy does it taste good. You know I'm a sucker for anything with goat cheese in it, but a juicy fig, drizzled with a sweet and surprising peppered honey, well, we could have easily made an entire meal (or even dessert) out of just this. In Taylor's words, all you need is a bit of prosciutto and you'd be set (me, I was plenty happy without the prosciutto, but, you know Taylor, he thinks anything is better when it's wrapped/stuffed/sauteed with a bit of pork). Figs


Roasted macadamia-celery pesto and peppered cream cheese tartine

Don't toss the leafy green tops of your celery stalks but use them instead to make your own creamy celery pesto. For a spin on tradition pesto I substituted roasted macadamia nuts and the result? An incredible medley of bright flavors from the celery and deep richness from the cheese and macadamia nuts. This was a true winner in my house and probably the only way I can get my eight year old to eat his celery. <br /> <br />Spread atop a peppered cream cheese spread on bread of your choice and you will have yourself a delicious snack that will have your taste buds wanting more. <br /> <br />Perfect for lunch too with a simple side salad or toss with hot pasta for a quick weeknight dinner. Oh and how about spreading it on a pizza instead of tomato sauce? Are you hungry yet? I am!


Charred poblano and peppered bacon guacamole

This charred poblano and peppered guacamole has all the fixins for the best loaded guacamole you'll ever taste! Spicy, creamy, and full of flavor!


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