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and parmesan croutons

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40 clove garlic soup and parmesan croutons

40 Clove Garlic Soup made with just a few simple ingredients, and a lot of garlic. It's mellow and slightly creamy garlic flavor will make this a big hit.


Thick tomato soup and parmesan croutons

A classic soup and sandwich combo, made healthier with dairy-free, gluten-free tomato soup and a handful of cheesy croutons.


Caesar salad with balsamic dressing and parmesan croutons

This Caesar Salad recipe is jazzed up with a Balsamic Dressing & the additional of Parmesan Croutons & olives. Photo included.


Skillet tomato casserole with white beans and parmesan croutons

A tomato "casserole" of croutons baked with juicy tomatoes, spinach, white beans, and Parmesan cheese. Your entire family will love this healthy one-pan meal!


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