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and lime baked

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Avocado, cilantro, and lime baked potatoes

Don’t you guys hate when you have those moments when it dawns on you, “My Mom was right?” I have these moments a lot, actually. However, I only admit to them every once in a while. Even as a kind of grown up, I still cannot let my Mom know that she is cool or she knows more than me. Oh, I cannot wait until Andy and Jack start doing this to me. My mom has been saying for years that dairy causes most problems in my life. In college I had some gallbladder issues and right away she jumped in with her cheese case. At the time I was not about to give up my precious fried cheese curds and pitchers of beers on Wednesdays lifestyle, so I scoffed her off. Every time I gained weight, cheese. “You know, if you would just cut that cheese out you would probably lose weight.” “Just saying.” Now, I can get behind not drinking milk. In my science brain I can see how weird it is that we are the only species that drinks milk beyond infancy. I can also see how weird it is that we drink the milk of another …


Coconut and lime baked custard

This custard is creamy and comforting with coconut and lime for a touch of the tropics!


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