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13 winter warming and comforting soup recipes ready in less than one hour

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, a meat or fish lover just have a sneak-peek here see this list of most wonderful winter warming soup recipes. Let's say goodbye to the winter in a colorful and cheerful way embracing the most wonderful season of all, spring. Here are 13 wonderful recipes to fully enjoy this February..


Beef chili | easy and comforting

This super easy comforting beef chili recipe is not only delicious, but the melding of the flavors is perfect! You can either dollop sour cream on it or just sprinkle a little cheese on a


Chicken marengo | hearty and comforting

This chicken Marengo recipe is not only comforting and delicious but it can be on your table in a little over an hour!!   Some history about Chicken Marengo My mom used to make this delicious recipe.


Dr pepper meatballs – and comfort from isaiah

Sweet and tangy with a smell that sets stomachs growling, these meatballs make a great game day treat served on their own or a filling supper when served over rice with your favorite sides. If ya wanna jump right into it and learn how to make Dr Pepper Meatballs, scroll down to the first picture. […]


Easy and comforting chicken rice casserole

A mild and comforting dish of chicken, rice, and vegetables is easy to make.


Easy and comforting ham and potato soup

This healthy ham and potato soup is pure comfort food in a bowl. Easy, fast, and low-calorie, it's one of my favorite busy weeknight meals. The photos in this post have been updated. Don't worry. You're in the


How to make healthy meals taste rich and comforting

Use these tips and your family will never know they're eating healthy food!


How we keep our dog happy and comfortable

Sharing today How We Keep Our Dog Happy and Comfortable. Our furry family friend deserves the best in return for the unconditional love they give to us.


Warm and comforting mixed bean soup

Warm and Comforting Mixed Bean Soup featuring a mix of 15 types of beans. Perfect for cold winter days or any time you want a delicious bowl of soup.


Warm and comforting vegetarian lentil soup

When you're snowed in, what's better than a steamy hot bowl of lentil soup? I love Ina Garten's salmon with lentils from her Barefoot in Paris cookbook. I used that recipe as the basis for this soup. All the proportions here are rough--you can add or subtract according to your taste. Lentils absorb a lot of liquid so you may need to add more. If you like your soup more like stew, you can use less liquid, and if you like really thick soup, you can puree some if it with an immersion blender or in a regular blender. I like extra tartness, so I usually finish with a little extra vinegar--you can do that to your taste.

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