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and cheddar crackers

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2014 christmas cookie, #12 – spicy bacon and cheddar crackers (cheeselets)

Drum roll please!  I bring to you, Christmas Cookie #12 (Oh yes I did!!!) – hot, spicy, decadent, savory. So this should come as no surprise! You know I like it hot! Bacon, chillies and chees…


Beet and cheddar crackers

These are delicious little crispy bites that are completely addictive. I love homemade crackers, as they are easy, fast and always so delicious. So I thought that I would spruce them up with the color and flavor from beets. I actually wanted to use the purple beets, but believe it or not, I could not find a fresh purple beet in three stores- so red it was!


Red chili and cheddar crackers

These red chili and Cheddar crackers are Cheez-Its for adults. Rich aged Cheddar cheese gives the crackers depth while chili flakes give heat and a kick. There addictively, in-your-face delicious and are easy to make. Great for cocktail parties, watching the game, or snacking out of hand.

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