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and bacon braise

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Beer and bacon braised collard greens

This recipe is a play on a recipe from my workplace. Collard greens and mac and cheese are the two most popular dishes; so popular that we go through two cases of collard greens and five pounds of cheddar cheese a day. I tweaked the recipe a little bit, brasing the greens in a nutty beer and added a pinch of cayenne pepper to make this a Wisconsinite's twist on a Southern favorite. Serve it up with a little barbecue, and you've got a delicious (but maybe not so nutritious) meal. - stirfrei


Seared sea scallops with golden raisin puree and bacon braised brussels sprouts

Seared Sea Scallops with Golden Raisin Puree and Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts is a decedent savory sweet combination with layers of elegant flavors. It's perfect for any date night meal!


Swiss apple, pear, potato, and bacon braise

This Swiss braise is mix of apple, pear, potato, onions, and speck or slab bacon, and is finished touch of cream. Traditionally in the canton of Aargau, it's served with all sorts of veal and game dishes, but it pairs well with chicken and pork.

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