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Danish braid with apple filling

Recipe for Danish Braid with Apple Filling. Complete step-by-step instructions with photos are included.


Cardamom braid with almonds

"This version of Finnish 'pulla' has always been an important part of our family celebrations," shares Doris Lystila of Townsend, Massachusetts. "This recipe is special because it can be made in a bread machine. Cooks who do not deal well with yeast dough will find that this adaptation is just what they've been looking for."


Breakfast braid with egg, jalapeno sausage, roasted red pepper, and mozzarella

I served this breakfast braid with the Broiled Grapefruit with Caramelized Sugar for a wonderful Sunday breakfast.  I threw in some jalapeno sausages that my husband and I love as well as some roasted bell


Orange cardamom braid with orange honey compound butter

Breakfast is a special occasion with this Orange Cardamom braided challah served with a sweet Orange Honey Compound Butter. Get your citrus fix before the season ends! As citrus season winds down, I am trying to get my fix of Meyer lemons, blood oranges and all my favorite sunny, wintertime Vitamin C powerhouses before they...Read More »


Breakfast braid with ham, mushrooms, cheddar, green onions, and scrambled eggs

I made this breakfast braid for my husband and I while our kids ate the German Pancake Topped with Cinnamon and Sugar.  It was super easy to make and it tasted fantastic.    The eggs


Breakfast braid with eggs, roasted pepper, spinach, and feta

Since my husband was working so hard at installing our new dishwasher, I decided to make him a special lunch. I grabbed some crescent rolls out of the fridge along with some eggs, roasted bell


Celebrating 100 years of kitchenaid with mother lovett’s peanut butter pie!

This peanut butter pie recipe is almost identical to the one that my grandmother made when I was a crust. Flaky pastry crust is what makes this pie different, along with a creamy no-bake peanut butter filling that is rich and decadent!


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