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Walmart: possible 5 free philadelphia cream cheese

** Note: Walmart practices Regional Pricing, so this deal may not be available nationwide ** Many Walmart stores have Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Rollback for only $1. Use the $5/5 printable coupon to get 5 FREE! Not sure what to do with 5 cream cheeses? I freeze it ALL the time and have never had...Read More »


Overnight camping comes to shelly ridge in philadelphia!

For Girl Scouts in Southeastern PA, there is a closer option for overnight camping - now you can do it right at Shelly Ridge - and do it in comfort!


Staycations | what to do in philadelphia!

If you live in the Philadelphia area, check out these tips for a Philadelphia staycation as well as links to staycation ideas for 50 other cities!


Philadelphia area: free iced coffee at dunkin donuts mondays in october!

This came with all of my inserts in the mail today, so there is a good chance that it will be in the Sunday papers as well. Check your mail or your Sunday paper for a card from Dunkin' Donuts.  With that card, you can get a FREE 24 oz Iced Coffee at Dunkin Donuts...Read More »


Philadelphia magazine: 1 year for $4.95!

Sitting on my coffee table right now is the issue of Philadelphia Magazine that I bought in the airport the morning I left for Nashville.  It's The Restaurant Issue, always one of my favorites!  With tax, I paid $4.27 for a single issue (stupid Philadelphia-extra-1%-sales-tax!).  For $0.68 more, I could have had an entire YEAR...Read More »


Philadelphia roll with dried persimmon

Dried persimmon and cream cheese are good combination, so it should be so good with Philadelphia Roll.


Philadelphia inquirer and the dollar tree

Philadelphia-area couponers (including me) were thrown for a loop this weekend when they went to the Dollar Tree to buy their newspapers and found nothing.  Explanations ranged from “it's just a problem with the trucks” to a very snarky “The Inquirer can't keep selling all those copies for $1 just so you can get your...Read More »


Introducing philadelphia cream cheese flip and dip treats

Picture this, you are at a party, the host comes round with a with a fabulous tray chocca block with crunchy veg, breadsticks and lovely fruits. Then, the person ahead of you dips in their breadstick, bites it in half, then dips it right back in. Do you recoil in horror and avoid the dip, or do you shrug and do exactly the same?


Mini cheesecakes from philadelphia®

Mini cheesecakes topped with whipped cream, blueberries, and lemon zest make elegant little individual desserts.


Grand central oyser bar's philadelphia tuna cheesesteak

The historic Grand Central Oyster Bar gets into the spirit of the “Big Game” this week, highlighting a plethora of seafood from the New England waters on its menu with a special salute to the Eagles. <br /> <br />"New England produces bountiful fruit from the sea, and great football performances, making the Patriots hard to pick against,” says Oyster Bar executive chef Sandy Ingber, a.k.a. the Bishop of Bivalves. “But the Eagles are a team of destiny. My pick is Philadelphia 24, New England 17." <br /> <br />As a tribute his selection of the Eagles and Philly fans, Ingber is adding what he calls a “GREAT and CLASSIC” Philadelphia Tuna Cheesesteak Sandwich to the Oyster Bar’s seafood-driven menu on Friday, February 2 and Saturday, February 3, priced at $14.95.


Butternut squash ice cream, philadelphia style

Mark Bittman’s pumpkin ice cream formula in How to Cook Everything was my guide for this recipe. A cornstarch pudding base makes it “Philadelphia style.” I replaced part of the half and half with sweetened condensed milk, a trick from COLD BREW COFFEE ICE CREAM (dymnyno’s fabulous Food52 recipe.) This squash ice cream froze up quickly to a rich, creamy consistency. Experiment with the spices and add-ins, such as nuts, rum-soaked raisins, or gingersnap bits.


Acciuge e philadelphia

When I studied abroad in Siena, Italy, one of the things I learned is that all cream cheese is referred to as simply, "Philadelphia" (kind of like tissues and Kleenex). Even odder to me was when for dinner, my host mom Barbara set out a plate of these crostini. I nearly balked at the combination, but figured I'd give it a shot. Who knew anchovies and cream cheese could be such good friends?


Country frittata from philadelphia cooking creme

This delicious frittata with green peppers, green onions, and smoked ham is drizzled with creamy Philadelphia Cooking Creme, and it's ready to serve in 30 minutes.


Adelphi university breast cancer hotline

Living the Gourmet is proud to be partnering with Adelphi University to promote their NYS Breast Cancer Hotline. For over three decades, Adelphi University has been a leader in breast cancer awareness and support, founding the first post-mastectomy group in 1980 within its School of Social Work. The group’s founding came at a time when...Read More


Philadelphia sushi stacks

A fun and easy way to prepare sushi in minutes -- stack it!


Philadelphia style butter cake

This is a very rich, sweet, gooey, buttery cake. I store leftovers in the refrigerator and they taste just like cheesecake! Yummy!


10 points from recyclebank when you learn how philadelphia is going green

Recyclebank has another easy 10 points for you to earn when you learn about how Philadelphia is going green! Learn a thing or two from Philadelphia about living green. Just head to Recyclebank (and make sure that you are logged in to your account) to get your points! Recyclebank points can be redeemed for high-value...Read More »


Philadelphia red cake

Using lemon juice to sour milk in this recipe helps make this chocolate cake very moist and flavorful.


Harvest pasta bake with philadelphia cooking creme

Your family will love this dish made with a creamy butternut squash sauce, rigatoni pasta, and Italian cheeses and baked to perfection.


{5 minute} cinnamon ice cream – philadelphia style

I made Cinnamon Ice Cream this past weekend and it blew me away. The flavors were incredible and my whole family loved it. However, that is a french style, custard based ice cream and I


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