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Fiesta time! chipotle lime crusted chicken tenders

Want to put a little more fiesta in your summer? I have just the inspiration today by the way of mouthwatering Chipotle Lime Crusted Chicken Tenders. Not sure about you but the combination of chipotle and


Fiesta time omelet

I created this dish when I needed to use up some black olives and jalapenos. With the abundant filling, two of these large omelets can feed four people if served with side dishes.—Jennine Victory, Bee Branch, Arkansas.


Fig and coconut cake : best tea time delight for the fall.

This is a easy to make cake based on figs and with coconut to add a tropical touch to this fall time delight. <br />To have fresh figs, the period is really short (September-October in France) and so we have to be quick to use up these juicy delicacies before they are converted to candied figs (called confit de figues in France) to be cherished with foie gras during the winter. <br />For this recipe I used the Figue de Solliès variety cultivated in the Solliès valley of the Var department near the French Riviera which has the certificate of geographic protection (AOP-AOC) since 2006. <br />I thought of giving a tropical touch to this cake and so my recipe consists of dried grated coconut which gives the cake a crunchy feel together with supple fleshy figs on the top.


Gran’s original golden tea time crunchies

Gran's Original Golden Tea Time Crunchies.


How to declutter your house one month at a time

How to declutter your house one month at a time with free monthly organization printables on The Typical Mom! One room at a time is the key to success.


How to slice meat thinly – tea time with nami (ep 6)

In this episode of Tea Time with Nami, Nami shares how to slice meat thinly for delicious Japanese dishes like Sukiyaki, Okonomiyaki, and Gyudon!


It’s paella time again….my way

 This is not the first time I’ve made and posted a vegetable paella here, I think it’s been about a year and a half since I made my  first one, but I just love making them because you can be as creative as you want with all sorts of vegetables, especially what is currently in …


~it’s tea time at living the gourmet~ is a Chinese tea shop that offers traditional organic and flavored teas.  Their quality assured collection of tea includes Green, Black, White, Oolong, Monkey Tea, and Pu-erh.  Premium flavored teas include Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea, Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea, Organic Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess”...Read More


Lifesavers: for such a time as this

You won’t be seeing this until later on in the day but as I type this the sun is just now thinking about rising. I’m sitting in an old fashioned diner style booth in my kitchen sipping on a cup of coffee while I wait on my oats to finish cooking. On the counter directly […]


Party cheese sticks are my lazy sunday afternoon tea time snack

Ingredients: Pastry puff: 2 sheets, 375g each Egg: 1, beaten with 2 tbsp milk Grated parmesan cheese: 25g Grated cheddar cheese: 50g Poppy seed: 1 tbsp Chilli powder: 1 tbsp Method: Preheat oven to 200 deg. Roll out both pastries to the size of a normal baking tray. Brush egg wash over 1 of the pastry sheets. Sprinkle


Rum & raisin scone for an english tea time snack

I found this recipe in my big book of recipes - probably the easiest one I could find anywhere. It's probably the least authentic one too, judging by the unbelievably few steps involved, but an adaptation of it nevertheless turned out a snack that's amazingly delectable - just like the real stuff that I used to buy


Soyachunks pops recipe – an easy and quick tea time snack recipe step by step video

Today I will show you soyachunks pops recipe which is a quick and easy tea time snack recipe that is not only healthy but also protein rich


Taquiza time: habanero pineapple chicken

Imagine sizzling fresh food that draws the family right over, that's Taquiza time. Loosely translated, it's a taco party where you gather around the grill or table, tortilla in hand ready to dig in to freshly


Tea time blueberry bourbon cocktail

Every summer about this time I start to feel just a little bit of melancholy. I love summer, but as I lounge by the pool sipping something light and fruity I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. Some important part of my life that’s either been misplaced or somehow forgotten. But what could that be? So I lazily swirl the pisco in my punch, or rumble the rocks in my rum-filled tumbler trying to pinpoint just what’s lacking in my life. That’s when it hits me. I miss bourbon. <br />Inspired by the sangria at Frankies Spuntino, NYC as seen in Bon Appétit.


Tea time lemon bars

Tea Time Lemon Bars : tangy and sweet and, most of all, so refreshing.


Tea time tasties

I make these for special parties and on the holidays. Everyone really enjoys them. They are one of my families favorites also.


Tea time… victoria sandwich anyone?!

There are a few things I remember about growing up in Tanga (East Africa, we came to Canada when I was 7), but one of them for sure was tea time. As we were under British rule, the afternoon tea wa…


Tea time with special.t & kusmi tea

A cup of quality tea is all I need in the mornings. Let me tell you a little bit about SPECIAL.T and their new tea blends created with KUSMI TEA.


Tea time with vitatops

Give yourself a break without the guilt with a soothing cup of tea and the delicious and nutricious variety of VitaTops! Mark Twain once remarked to “Be careful of reading health books,” since “You may die of misprint.” This is a view that, quite honestly, I do in fact share. By trial, error, and with...Read More


Tea time tassies

Like baby pecan pies! Except with walnuts! This recipe was given to me on my 12th birthday by Gretchen Payne, a lovely neighbor who was always baking and handing out delicious treats. She knew how much I loved her Tea Time Tassies so when she presented me with an egg carton filled with them *and* the recipe, I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. She, her husband Padgett and daughter Medora would hold a Twelfth Night party every year, and while the grownups would drink cup after cup of Wassail, I would park myself near the cookie trays, inhaling Tea Time Tassies, one after another, until I was practically sick. Good times! Traditionally these are made with walnuts, but pecans work just as well (and really highlight the Tassies' pecan pie-ness.) <br /> <br />NOTE: You will need one or two mini-muffin pans for these.

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