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How to make a lot of lasagna this new year’s eve

Last year, I threw a lasagna party. I made four different kinds of lasagnas. Though I spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen, I did no work during the party, and I loved that everyone scraped the casserole dishes clean not long after they came out of the oven. Ever since, I’ve been enamored of...


Just me, cilantro and a polenta pizza this monday evening

A polenta crust for a pizza is the perfect substitution if you are trying to stay away from wheat flour. This Polenta Pizza recipe is just perfect.


Scheduling running and yoga this week

Scheduling Running and Yoga This Week - Includes links to free online yoga


You, too, can eat granola and lasagna this passover

See two creative matzo recipes from Leah Koenig, author of the cookbook Modern Jewish Cooking. It includes recipes like matzo granola and matzo lasagna.

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