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You’ve gotta fight….for your right….to couuu-pon!

(note:  after 18 years of me telling my husband that the Beastie Boys are vile, disgusting, talentless hacks, I sure hope he never sees that I used one of their lines as a title!) I had another title for this post…it was going to be “Confidence is Key” (I like alliteration), but then I came...Read More »


Thanks for making me a fighter!

A discussion about taking the first step towards your dreams with confidence and the need in your heart to make a change in your life.


A fight that is worth fighting

An email in response to my yesterday’s emotions I received this morning. I cried again. That 1 person exists! Oh! Sweet Olena! As one who grew up surrounded by a huge family yet feeling removed and alone, even in crowded situations, I was labeled a “loner”. Couldn’t have been farther from the truth but it …


Oat bran-buckwheat pancakes, candida fighting

Delicious mouth-watering, vegan, oil-free, gluten-free and also Candida fighting oat bran-buckwheat pancakes that'll make your day!


Candida fighting carrot cake porridge

You can enjoy this divine carrot cake porridge even when on Candida diet. Made of oat bran and buckwheat flakes, it is delicious, filling and easy to make.


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