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17 mexican recipes for cinco de mayo

A great list of Mexican recipes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo -- my favorites are the Baja Fish Tacos and Ancho Chile Enchiladas, so good!


2017 meme cookies

I made some of my favorite memes of 2017 into cookies! A fun way to look back on the craziness of the previous year!


7 meal prep hacks for efficiency

Maximize your efficiency on Meal Prep Sunday with these 7 meal prep hacks! From using your sheet pans, to your appliances and so much more.


7 meals from one ham: how to take one ham and turn it into 7 meals

How to Take One Ham and Turn it into 7 meals: 7 Easy, wholesome meals made from 1 large cut of meat.


7 meatless grilling recipes to make this weekend

These meatless grilling recipes go way beyond the standard frozen veggie burger or sad store-bought faux hot dogs.


7 meatless sandwiches, wraps and rolls to make for your next picnic

These meatless sandwiches can be made in advance and they travel well, so they're perfect for bringing to your next picnic.


7 mediterranean cooking tips to make your holiday meals healthier and happier

With just a few small changes to your celebratory dinners you can add a taste of the Mediterranean along with extra health benefits..


Roasted peach skillet cake (and 7 meditation apps)

This recipe for Roasted Peach Skillet Cake is a tender yellow cake overstuffed with ripe, sweet roasted peaches. Delicious summer dessert!


Stretching 3 rotisserie style chickens into 7 meals

Hi! I am Kristen from A Mind "Full" Mom. Through my family’s journey with Cystic Fibrosis, I have learned the importance of healthy eating and it has become my passion. I may or may not

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