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Chicken, broccoli and red pepper stir fry (and 2 tips to fixing any stir fry fast)

Stir fry is one of the simplest things to make.  Providing you have a good knife to do the chopping.  That's the first tip for making it fast.  You can't be quick with a dull


2 tips for drop-in lunch guests and toasted parmesan fried egg one-sided sandwich

How are you with drop-in lunch guests? Today I'm sharing 2 simple tips, plus a Toasted Parmesan Fried Egg One-Sided Sandwich recipe. I sometimes get frazzled when people drop in, if my house isn’t in order,


12 tips for surviving your first vegan thanksgiving

Getting ready for your first vegan Thanksgiving? Here are 12 tips to help get you through the holidays.


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